Rebounding Workouts

What is Rebounding Workouts?

(Our group classes contain a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 people)

Rebounding (Mini Trampolines) workouts combines the alignment principles of Pilates using Mat & Small Equipment combined with rebounding exercise – using trampolines for the cardiovascular and physiological benefits of rebounding.

Because rebounding involves an unstable surface – a buoyant mat –Rebounding requires dynamic stability. This naturally strengthens the core and trains the nervous system and postural muscles to support the body in upright posture. Other benefits include increased agility, coordination, balance and proprioception.

Because unstable surfaces cause involuntary muscles such as the transverses abdominus and the multifidus to contract, rebounding seemed the perfect aerobic complement to a Pilates program. Since Rebounding exercises integrates rebounding with alignment principles, one can burn fat while improving alignment and posture. Thus, Rebounding workouts is an efficient and effective solution.

Aerobic Pilates can challenge the core, elevate the heart rate and train coordination. Other benefits include burning more calories, working the core in a different setting, and strengthening your muscles. In our practice, we experience great results by adding the cardio section for stress reduction and endurance training, since many of our clients simply do not enjoy the treadmill or other aerobic equipment.

Trampolines (Rebounding) used in conjunction with your Pilates Mat & Small Equipment exercises, provides a perfect combination of body-sculpting, weight–loss and cardiovascular benefits. Trampoline work is alternated with Pilates Mat exercises using a variety of Pilates Small Equipment to provide the cardio element as well as intensive core toning.

So, if you want to lose weight whilst toning, this is the ideal class for you!