Open Ballet

Open Ballet Classes

(Our group classes contain a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 people)

Ballet is for everyone!

Classical Ballet is seen, by many, as an unreachable and impossible thing to do if one is not trained from a young age. This is a complete misconception. Ballet is for everyone! With enough dedication and passionate energy, one can learn how to pirouette and jump higher than imagined!

Open Ballet will consist of an hour of classical Ballet exercises that are basic and easy to remember, once you get the just of Ballet and the mechanics of the movements involved, and it is in a very low pressure environment.

The goal is to find one’s body awareness within a new technique and enjoy the pleasure that dance brings. Ballet is as much exercise for your brain as it is for your body. Some people might be on different levels, either coming from a dance background or some have never danced a step in their life. However, everyone will be able to do the exact same class and benefit from it! That is the true beauty of Ballet. The strive towards perfection brings one to a place of constant learning of the style, and most important, how the individual receives and translates the information given.

Here are some benefits of Ballet as a means of exercise:

1) Strengthens legs, core and the upper back.

2) Development of greater postural awareness.

3) Improvement of one’s spatial awareness and co-ordination.

4) Teaches you co-ordination and how to retain choreography. (Your brain will work in a different way from what it is used to)

5) Increases flexibility.

6) Strengthens feet (which is very important for posture)

7) And most importantly, it helps with confidence! A person with a strong posture feels more empowered.

with a strong posture feels more empowered.