Pilates For Dancers

Pilates For Dancers

(Our group classes contain a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 people)

Pilates is a body conditioning method that is focused on developing a strong core. The core refers to the entire abdominal region as well as the lower and mid-back. Frequently, dancers do not learn how to properly hold this area strong, so they end up with weaknesses – especially in the lower abdominal muscles and the lower back.

This leads to poor alignment and poor alignment always equals poor technique. A lot of dancers stand with their backs swayed, often so they can achieve perfect turn-out at the feet. This is a very weak stance that will inhibit the dancer’s extension, balance and stability. Pilates can assist to fix those issues by creating an atmosphere where the dancer can isolate certain muscle groups and really focus on how to use them.

Benefits of Pilates for Dancers

  • Increased core strength, balance & co-ordination.
  • Improved foot, leg & arm strength
  • Improved foot & ankle alignment
  • Proper hip turn-out
  • Muscular symmetry & balance
  • Decreased joint & ligament stress
  • Decreased muscle strain
  • Synchronised breath control
  • Improved shoulder stabilisation
  • Improved flexibility