Pilates For Golfers

Pilates For Golfers

(Our group classes contain a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 people)

pilates for golfers

The Pilates Method can be effectively used to better one’s golf game by improving strength, endurance, muscle control (especially the core) and posture by strengthening different stabilizer muscles (such as the scapular stabilizers).  The Pilates mind/body connection, learned from the principles of pilates can help you achieve the concentration necessary to accomplish the stillness fundamental in golf.

We focus on exercises to help golfers achieve their athletic goals and will recommend specific pilates exercises and routines in order to strengthen and stretch muscles as well as prevent injuries of the shoulders (rotator cuff muscles) and that of the lower back and knees, and correct muscular imbalances due to the one-sided nature of golf.   Exercises in the golf routine serve a specific purpose to improve your game and overall physique and to prolong your golfing career.


The benefits of pilates are:

  • Strengthening the powerhouse as balance is necessary for a steady swing which will help stabilize the spine, which aids in injury prevention.
  • Minimize the risk of lower back injury, improve postural habits with upper and lower back (thorasic and lumber spine) stabilizing exercises and strengthening abdominal exercises.
  • Increase back of thighs (hamstrings) flexibility. Mobility and flexibility exercises should be incorporated with consideration for the setup position.
  • Extend leg endurance by strengthening the legs in order to prevent fatigue.
  • Improve torso rotation and shoulder and hip joint flexibility to create greater energy and momentum potential.
  • Strengthen hand/wrist area, which transfers a great deal of energy from impact with the ball, by strengthening the whole arm from shoulder to hand.
  • Correct muscle imbalances, which lead to injury. The weaker side will be exercised to overcome imbalances created by the golf game.