Pilates For Seniors

Pilates For Seniors

(Our group classes contain a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 people)

Pilates is generally appropriate for senior fitness, and it is gaining popularity among senior citizens. The ability to modify exercises to meet differing needs, along with the many benefits of the Pilates method, such as increased levels of strength, balance, flexibility, muscle tone, stamina, and well- being, makes Pilates an inviting senior exercise program. After all, Joseph Pilates practiced his method into his eighties.

Classes for Seniors

At Pilates Dynamics you will start out in either group OR private classes with a certified Pilates instructor.   If you have never done Pilates before, the instructor will set up an orientation session to teach you the basics of Pilates, before you join the group classes.

Group Classes

Our group classes are small enough that some individual instruction can be expected. A Pilates group class is comprised of exercises done on a mat on the floor, with smaller pieces of Pilates equipment, such as the magic circle, exercise bands, balls, barrells, free weights & standing pilates supported by a ballet barre. Mat classes offer the benefit of teaching exercises that can easily be practiced at home.

Private Classes

Our private classes incorporates all the aforementioned as well as specialised pilates equipment like the Reformer; Cadillac; Tower; Ladder Barrel; Spine Correction Barrels; and Pilates Chairs.  These are large pices of exercise equipment, which offers support and a combination of springs set at different tenisions, which creates resistance during the exercises.  The resistance that these machines offer, adds a weight bearing component to the private workout, beyond what the mat exercises offer.

Special Considerations for Seniors

Before beginning a Pilates class, the senior student would be well advised to check in with his or her health care professional. Many physical conditions can be accommodated in a Pilates setting, but it is important to know if any specific risk factors are present. It is essential to communicate health issues or physical limitations to the instructor before the class begins.

Many older adults find that their balance, flexibility and endurance have diminished over time. These conditions are workable within most beginner Pilates contexts, and they will improve as Pilates is practiced regularly. Seniors can be assured that it is the right and responsibility of any student to adjust participation in an exercise to a level that feels healthful and safe for them. Various exercise modifications are commonplace in Pilates classes. A good instructor will help a senior student monitor the level of exertion, and take measures to prevent over-stretching or falls. Seniors might be encouraged to know that the majority of Pilates mat and machine exercises are done lying down or sitting, so there is less risk of falling than there might be with some other forms of exercise.