Post Natal

Post Natal

(Our group classes contain a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 people)

Classes are designed to create an atmosphere where new mums can come together and exercise in a safe environment. It is a chance for some valuable “me” time while also offering the opportunity to meet with other mums in a similar situation. It will also do wonders for your overall conditioning and mental outlook.

Your first step in postnatal recovery can start as early as after your 6 week check; enjoy regaining stability and strength, increase energy levels and learn techniques to support your posture and every day activities with your baby. Pilates is a perfect form of exercise during and after your pregnancy – both for you and your growing baby.

Please Note: To attend any of the postnatal classes you must have been given the go-ahead by your health professional following your 6 week check (if you have had a Caesarian-section this is likely to be longer).

Benefits of Pre Natal Pilates

  • It is an extremely safe and effective method of exercise. By focusing on the postural muscles you will improve your core stability and pelvic-floor strength to prevent incontinence and avoid backache.
  • Pilates during pregnancy gives you great abdominal tone. Stronger abdominals and gluteals provide better support and stabilization for your spine and pelvis. The improvement in your posture lengthens your spine to relieve tension and gives your baby more room.
  • Body awareness and control is enhanced.
  • Pilates improves circulation, to aid with swelling.
  • Pilates enables you to develop increased body awareness. You will learn to relax and breathe correctly in preparation for labor.
  • The body is prepared for labor and post-natal recovery is greatly aided.

Benefits of Post Natal Pilates

  • Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, weakened by pregnancy, helping you overcome incontinence.
  • Retrain your abdominal muscles to help support your spine and pelvis and recover your pre-baby shape.
  • Re-educate correct postures following the natural changes in your body through pregnancy.
  • Stretch spinal and upper limb muscles to relieve tension.
  • Strengthen your upper body teaching you how to lift and hold your growing baby to avoid back problems.
  • General exercise increases the production of endorphins which makes you feel good, increases energy and reduces fatigue and helps you cope with the demands of motherhood.
  • Quality time for mom and baby to bond during Pilates classes, whilst getting back into shape in a fun and interactive environment.