Social Responsibility

Rural Community In Lebowa – Anglo Twickenham Mine Area

Pilates Dynamics Studios & Wellness Centre is involved in the rural community in Lebowa in and around Anglo’s Twickenham mine, where Alex Verloop noticed that the children have a need for proper soccer balls. Whilst on one of Alex’s late afternoon cycling trips he noticed that the kids were playing soccer using checkers bags rolled into a ball. Alex and his cycling friends have undertaken to continue the delivery of soccer balls to children in the rural areas right up until the festive season.

Jicama 89 & Sibonile School

Jicama 89 is a registered Non-Profit organization and Company Incorporating Sec 21 whose primary purpose is to support deserving organizations in their efforts to meeting the needs of those less fortunate and able.

Jicama 89 is currently actively involved in supporting children in the care of the Sibonile School, which is based in the South of Johannesburg, with the education of children with visual impairment.

To enrich the potentials of the visually impaired they need to:

  • Provide a conducive learning environment.
  • Give them human treatment as stipulated in the constitution.
  • Present them with equal opportunities, as we would do to able bodied children.
  • Take cognizance of their limitations or barriers in executing certain tasks.

The Sibonile School provides schooling, accommodation, food and clothing for 192 children, who are partially sighted, totally blind or deaf and blind.

Pilates Dynamics Studio & Wellness Center is proud to be able to contribute to this worthy cause.

Middelburg Chrildrens Home

The Middelburg Children’s Home houses 10 girls. The house has recently been renovated and furniture, curtains, bedding and kitchen appliances and contents were replaced due to generous efforts and donations made by members of the Corpus Christi Church as well as the local community and businesses. Since the refurbishment of the house, the girls’ school marks have increased by an average of a staggering 15%!

Pilates Dynamics Studio & Wellness Center has donated funds to the home towards the childrens’ very first Christmas function to be held this year. As can be seen on the photos, Pilates Dynamics recently donated handbags to the girls.