Rentals / Vacancies


If you are a qualified Pilates Instructor and ready for a change, renting space at Pilates Dynamics may be just for you, If…


  • You enjoy setting your own schedule, dealing with your clients directly, and coming home with a little extra cash in your pocket for it.
  • Pilates is your TRUE passion NOT a hobby or side-gig
  • You are outgoing, personable, and friendly
  • You get a thrill out of taking things into your own hands and being in charge
  • You are searching for a community of like-minded Pilates pros to learn from and share experiences with
  • You are attentive to details, thoughtful, ambitious, and helpful

Walking into PILATES DYNAMICS you can tell this place is for Pilates. The equipment is maintained and the space is spotless. From the amenities in the bathroom to the convenient location, all of our clients are convinced this is the place for them!


Oh and we’re totally into options- for our clients and for our teachers. You can work with our studio in any of the following ways:

  • Simply pay to rent our beautiful, 270 square meter, fully equipped (BIG & Small Equipment) Pilates oasis. You keep your clients own info, you handle the moola.
  • Get referrals for new clients, pay us a referral fee, then consider them yours!

011-792 5459 / 072 999 2229